Baby food delivery service Yumi launches with $4.1 million in seed funding

Yumi, the Los Angeles-based baby food delivery service co-created by former TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal reporter Evelyn Rusli and Angela Sutherland is finally open for business, with $4.1 million in seed investment from VC firms Brand Foundry, August Capital and NEA, as well as several angels, including early Dropbox investor Ali Partovi, WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg, and Philip Krim, co-founder of mattress company Casper Cloud to Cloud Backup.

There are plenty of options in the baby food market for parents to choose from, but Sutherland, a new mom herself, wanted a healthier option for her little one without the hassle and clean up that comes with whipping up something in the food processor. She came up with Yumi to deliver perfectly pureed bites without all the sugar and preservatives found on the grocery store shelf.

Like grownup meal delivery services, parents simply select a plan on the Yumi website, a chef prepares the food in the Yumi kitchen and then the meals arrive in an insulated container, along with ice packs to keep it fresh. Prices start at $50 per week for six meals and go from there (with discounts for subscription plans).

Yumi will deliver throughout California and doesn’t have much in the way of meal delivery competition right now in the state but could possibly soon be neck-and-neck with the New York-based Little Spoon, as that startup has told me it plans to roll out nationwide. Both companies do face some uncertainty, as others have tried and failed at this model before. Still, Rusli told me in an earlier conversation she is confident Yumi has tested the market and has what it takes to succeed taiwan data sim.

And sure, it’s easier for parents to pick up an organic offering at their nearest Whole Foods, if health is the focus, but those jars of food may come with all sorts of preservatives you may not want your baby ingesting. Plus, with offerings like bell pepper soup and rose water overnight oats, Yumi’s food sounds scrumptious, even for adults .

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The power blows out in about three seconds

Mother fans her handkerchief on her neck reenex. “Well, good heavens, Carlton, go fix it.”

For an hour, I hear Daddy and Jameso throwing switches and clanking tools, boots knocking on the porch. After they’ve fixed it and I sit through a lecture from Daddy to never turn it to “3” again or it will blow the house to pieces, Mother and I watch as an icy mist grows on the windows. Mother dozes in her blue Queen Anne chair, her green blanket pulled to her chest. I wait until she is asleep, listening for the soft snore, the pucker of her forehead. On tiptoe, I turn out all the lamps, the television, every electricity sucker downstairs save the refrigerator. I stand in front of the window and unbutton my blouse. Carefully, I turn the dial to “3”. Because I long to feel nothing. I want to be frozen inside. I want the icy cold to blow directly on my heart.

FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS, I submerge myself in the interviews. I keep my typewriter on the back porch and work most of the day long and into the night. The screens give the green yard and fields a hazy look. Sometimes I catch myself staring off at the fields reenex, but I am not here. I am in the old Jackson kitchens with the maids, hot and sticky in their white uniforms. I feel the gentle bodies of white babies breathing against me. I feel what Constantine felt when Mother brought me home from the hospital and handed me over to her. I let their colored memories draw me out of my own miserable life.

“Skeeter, we haven’t heard from Stuart in weeks,” Mother says for the eighth time. “He’s not cross with you, now, is he?”

At the moment, I am writing the Miss Myrna column. Once ahead by three months, somehow I’ve managed to almost miss my deadline. “He’s fine, Mother. He doesn’t have to call every minute of the day.” But then I soften my voice. Every day she seems thinner. The sharpness of her collarbone is enough to tamp down my irritation at her comment. “He’s just traveling is all, Mama.”

This seems to placate her for the moment and I tell the same story to Elizabeth, with a few more details to Hilly, pinching my arm to bear her insipid smile. But I do not know what to tell myself reenex . Stuart needs “space” and “time,” as if this were physics and not a human relationship.
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The Printrbelt lets you print multiple objects on, well, a belt

A month ago I brought you the Blackbelt, a belt-driven 3D printer with an “infinite Z” meaning you can print really long objects or multiple objects in the same print job. Now there’s a new printer on the block, and it looks like it’s blowing the Blackbelt out of the proverbial 3D printing water Business Centre.

The Printrbelt is basically a 3D printer that prints onto a moving platform. As the object is completed, it moves down the belt slightly along the Z axis and then pops the object off the belt when it is done. The printer prints at a surprising angle and instead of creating a top-down object it creates angled cross sections of the object as it spools down the belt.

The team is building the printers now and is ready to ship as soon as they get pre-orders. The $1,699.15 price tag, however, is what really sets the system apart. Unlike the Blackbelt, this sub-$2,000 printer can print multiple objects or, if you’re careful, one big object for about the price of a good, finite-X 3D printer Espresso Coffee .

The team is building them to order. “We will make these one at a time and START shipping each one in order, beginning in 2 weeks,” they write. “In the next few weeks, we will ramp up production until the lead time drops to next day. There is no way to predict when you will get yours, since it is determined by the initial sales.”

The printer outputs at a .2mm layer height and prints standard PLA onto a heated bed for easy removal. It runs Polar3D’s layout and slicing engine. In short, if you want an infinite-Z 3D printer at a non-infinite-Z price, this might be your best bet DDoS Attack.

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