Sweeter than the Mid-Autumn Festival

Before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, I had to accompany a friend to the orchard picking grapefruit, but a friend asked me rock daphne that there is no grapefruit orchards, and I read also concerned that there is no fear of it the beauty. Unexpectedly think, grapefruit harvest this year is the "bumper" hook pit child grapefruit until now has not sold half. Came to the orchard, Yao Jiuchi grapefruit is the most important program. Now grapefruit, and no more or less of the original complex flavor, grapefruit meat, alcohol cotton bag more refreshing, usually I do not like to eat grapefruit, today a four ate it.

In the orchard I saw this beautiful owner, only to find out that she is back from Shenzhen, Jiangxi, and specifically to the orchard to take pictures, ready to upload to the network, to the "Internet + ......" agricultural sales model to help "Hi plow" orchard still hanging on the tree a few kilograms of grapefruit sold hong kong hotels. I appreciate the beauty of the Bamboo ideas and move, think, insight can help farmers in agricultural cooperatives and other e-commerce.

Create agricultural commerce, leisure agriculture in one of the "Internet + agriculture" demonstration area, can certainly increase the local agricultural e-commerce support, promote Internet technology in agricultural e-commerce code management, packaging and labeling, storage, cold chain, logistics other aspects of the application university technology, to achieve efficient management of agricultural products in warehousing, logistics, distribution and other aspects of, is very good ah. The same white shirt ladies understand this point, then invited the Bamboo to do to help this beautiful farm do "matchmaker" of practice.
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the night of sleep for and worry

I was young, and growth of the poor country, although not than the region of rivers and lakes in the rich, however, eye and ear used see Crystal, hands often and place, mostly with water about. Don't know is due to the old principal officer ye made muddy, good erosion, water conservancy, grease, or for products Sheng Yi causing anger excess, and place of Mizusawa has thus and increase the sake; therefore, if you want to find a can with the neighbouring city town from the other details, only in the eyes of a child, local ponds of river and reservoir, is by no means like Yangtze River to the north of the small town the way that some.

The size of Linshui village named and needless to say, is together with the new children's name, and even dogs and cats call method, mostly with the river. Not to mentioned we that is about "big face of Chinese teacher" back and forth, patiently name many times the "yard" small school.

According to the logic of my father, if my grandmother did not leave the world when I was five, I would not have been so long. Original all blame in his disposition of unruly, in a person lively place, love every student some trouble, a long time, became the round nail people in the eyes of a child's sake California Fitness. Less than five months after my grandmother died, I carried a bag, and my brother went to school after three years of age.

I can recall the life of my primary school life, as if in addition to the fight to win many people, there is no great impact on the film; turn to the past photos, do not expect to see the next, then, I am still a fat boy. Presumably at the time, but in addition to eat, probably only got to play; otherwise, how could have that kind of fat? Want after all, just a child, and unlike now so now, as a busy living, family, love, marriage broken heart, mind details with, just some little interest. And I for the reason to the playful mind, with the exception of in and water related topics, barely can cite some miscellaneous old Xu.

Novel "woman" inside the city southeast of the reservoirs, since the summary of the embankment after, the ins and outs of calendar after several field repair repair. In my growth of the last century 1990s, stories about the reservoir burst, there have been very few people mention; in this way, even if it is a night of heavy rain continued underground. People in the city need not the night of sleep for and worry.

Recall the past, my reason to ridicule language teacher's face, presumably because in the past too naughty and ate many of his brutal flowers. I to him the respect, because only witnessed him in the classroom some as, with the eyes of a child, think of his natural to change; in particular, make the person feel unhappy when he we face, directly off the pants of his nephew, gave people a good spanking California Fitness. Because his nephew or fun, that moment, my friendship with his heart is good enough, there will inevitably be some honest. Thought of his retort is the best replaces the dabaobuping ways, so that at the time of to him the "yard" argument quite disapprove. But according to the mesh point of view, although not in a good position to mountain and water, but looking ahead, a river when the scene really flap wanderer homesickness and nostalgia.
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A person, a smile

The August sun, the earth radiation, sweat soaked clip back, looking ahead, cars on the road and flow like the ants winded dynamic fled the hell or heaven, miss as layers of water, cut through the heart of the other side, between words, true or false as empty, beg sit long thinking and inexcusable others You beauty.

Choice is helpless smile, lonely bustling world, no regrets in the world. Recently, Miss parents alone outside, people travel, the bitter, life as Epiphyllum, northwest loess plateau, sorghum everywhere, poor parents, the pale breasted hand. Busy harvest, Yan Yuru cream You beauty.

On the left, I told a lot about work and learning issues, long winded and care. This encounter is the edge of life, as originated, like a dream, and did not expect limited. Love, as if is good with fu. Remember once write for you, leave love originated world.

Choose, always let me struggle, right and wrong as if just a moment of transformation. The ancients cloud, love heaven and earth, all things belong to. Waiting for a rain or rainbow, diffuse abroad, thoughts such as smoke, or back down You beauty!

A person, a dream.

A person, a search

A person, a smile

Originally escape or choose, are potential ambush, August apron, in the autumn wind fluttering shan. Remember that once the twi rain, think of the sentimental you, think of the teacher's kindness, rich or Ping mine, your smile.

The vast world, come and go, come on! The other side of the flowers, the feeling is far.

It is a year of high rain fall, relentless total concern and rain

The bustling Xie sub turtle, when the beauty of West Lake
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